businessman239I offer financial consulting and training to companies specializing in the field

of entrepreneurship and small and medium projects,

and in the art of management contracts and tenders and procurement

of modern methods in building strategies and operational plans.

workers1The ability to debt rescheduling and development projects and treatment

of the financial deviation and make necessary corrections structures technical,

economic and financial facility

businessman275I am working as a training adviser for many of the state ministries in the United Arab Emirates

where I have trained more than 5,000 trainee through the training program management and consulting.

Interviews Tv

‫‫The impact of winning of the US President on the global capital markets - Dr. / Amer Ashour.

‫‫ Interview with Dr. Amer Ashour about the International Monetary Fund.

‫‫Economy of Sultanate of Oman and the mechanism of its development - Dr / Amer Ashour.

‫‫Evaluating investments in sovereign funds for the Gulf States - Dr. / Amer Ashour.

‫‫Ways to support economic development in poor countries - Dr / Amer Ashour.

‫‫Relationship with what is going on in the capital markets with declines of oil - Dr / Amer Ashour.

‫‫Tools and methods of increasing the national product in the Arab Gulf states - Dr. Amer Ashour.

‫‫Mechanism of restructuring of the European economy - Dr. / Amer Ashour.

‫‫How to cure fiscal deficit in the budget of America- Dr. / Amer Ashour.

‫‫Ways of dealing with the family budget in Ramadan - Dr. Amer Ashour Noman

‫‫Gulf economy and the challenges of the present and the future

‫‫Financial analysis to world markets

‫‫Dr. Amer Ashour expert financial advisor in #Mal

‫‫Asian labor rights in Gulf reality and aspirations

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