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‫‫The impact of winning of the US President on the global capital markets - Dr. / Amer Ashour.

‫‫ Interview with Dr. Amer Ashour about the International Monetary Fund.

‫‫Economy of Sultanate of Oman and the mechanism of its development - Dr / Amer Ashour.

‫‫Evaluating investments in sovereign funds for the Gulf States - Dr. / Amer Ashour.

‫‫Ways to support economic development in poor countries - Dr / Amer Ashour.

‫‫Relationship with what is going on in the capital markets with declines of oil - Dr / Amer Ashour.

‫‫Tools and methods of increasing the national product in the Arab Gulf states - Dr. Amer Ashour.

‫‫Mechanism of restructuring of the European economy - Dr. / Amer Ashour.

‫‫How to cure fiscal deficit in the budget of America- Dr. / Amer Ashour.

‫‫Ways of dealing with the family budget in Ramadan - Dr. Amer Ashour Noman

‫‫Gulf economy and the challenges of the present and the future

‫‫Financial analysis to world markets

‫‫Dr. Amer Ashour expert financial advisor in #Mal

‫‫Asian labor rights in Gulf reality and aspirations

United Arabic Emirates