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‫‫The development in the infrastructure for the Arab countries - Dr / Amer Ashour.

‫‫Recommendations of World Economic Forum for the Arab economy - Dr / Amer Ashour.

‫‫The International Monetary Fund and the policy of the appointment - Dr. / Amer Ashour.

‫‫Financial analysis for budget Jordan - Dr. / Amer Ashour.

‫‫Federal budget for the UAE and ways of enhancing - Dr. / Amer Ashour.

‫‫The impact of financial inflation on the economy and methods of treatment - Dr. / Amer Ashour.

‫‫The future expectations for the global economy - Dr. Amer Ashour.

‫‫My interview with Dr. Amer Ashour on the concept of governance - program on the date -DM TV

‫‫Acquisitions and mergers in the Arab economy - Dr / Amer Ashour.

‫‫The impact of remittances on the economy - Dr / Amer Ashour.

‫‫The extent of Arab countries development in infrastructure investment - Dr. / Amer Ashour.

‫‫The volume of Chinese investment in the US market - Dr. / Amer Ashour.

‫‫European Union and ways of treatment of the financial crisis in it - Dr / Amer Ashour.

‫‫Chinese trade invasion of the Arab economy - Dr / Amer Ashour.

‫‫Causes of flow of the Arab Spring money to the UAE - Dr. / Amer Ashour.

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