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‫‫US financial abyss - Dr. / Amerashour

‫‫On the date: family - companies --DMTV

‫‫Steps search for investment opportunities within the program on the date - DMTV

‫‫The impact of lower oil prices on the budget Gulf states - Dr. / Amer Ashour

‫‫On the date: the concept of governance - - DMTV

‫‫Noman: The Palestinian economy is in the recovery room

‫‫The European summit and analysis of the European economy - Dr. Amer Ashour.

‫‫The financial crisis and its impact on the Arab economy - Dr. / Amer Ashour

‫‫UAE banks able to implement the recommendations of the "Basel 3"

‫‫Steps search for investment opportunities within the program at the time

‫‫Trends of effect of the Egyptian real estate investment size in the market.

‫‫The impact of winning the American President On the global financial markets - Dr. / Amer Ashourr

‫‫The growing phenomenon of working from home

‫‫Human development challenges in the Arab countries and the Arab Gulf

‫‫Salary increase and its impact on foreign investments in the Gulf - Dr / Amer Ashour.

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